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Sunday, July 20, 2014


Jose Antonio Fernandez is not your ordinary tea bagging nut job, no this numbnutz is ready for a straight jacket with a padded cell.

Jose Antonio Fernandez, 54, found that out the hard way Tuesday when he stepped up to the microphone - that threatening to shoot members of the Miami-Dade County Commission will land a guy in jail. Fernandez warned that if the county were to take his property, he would have "the right to shoot every one of you."

"Shoot 'em," he said.

According to the Miami Herald, Fernandez, sporting a prominent beard and a T-shirt that read "No to United Nations Agenda 21," accused the commission of "confiscating the land of small farmers."
The Miami Herald reports
Fernandez lives just outside a rural South Miami-Dade enclave locked in legal battles with county environmental regulators over wetlands violations. The small nurseries and farms just east of the Everglades and west of Krome Avenue in the Las Palmas community - known as the 8 ½ Square Mile Area - have repeatedly run afoul of the Division of Environmental Resources Management. 
A judge ruled in 2011 that Fernandez's nursery - which was on a separate property from his home - owed the county $316,000 in restitution that Miami-Dade has yet to receive.
The home, which is not in Fernandez's name, is scheduled to be sold in a foreclosure auction this month. 
An undated photo in Google Maps purportedly of Fernandez's home shows a sign affixed to a tree outside that reads, "DERM must be stopped."

The true tragedy here in this instance is - that this dipshit is in more trouble for talking about shooting someone than he would be if he actually shot some one and said he was afraid and stood his ground.

Roger West