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Saturday, June 8, 2013



Last week former Kansas Senator Bob Dole said that the current regime of the American Taliban wouldn't accept the GOP GOD Ronnie Reagan - Au Contraire, Mon frere

Bill Maher last night differed with a consensus found on both sides of the aisle that Ronald Reagan would not be welcomed in the modern American Taliban party, saying that actually, Reagan would be quite welcome in the 21st century GOP because he was the forebear of a lot of the tea party philosophy. Maher called Reagan the “original pitchman for batshit,” and proceeded to tear apart the idea that Reagan was a moderate who liberals like President Obama could publicly admire.

Maher acknowledged that Reagan “did a few things today’s GOP would not like,” but aside from that, he basically wrote the playbook for the modern Republican party. He said Reagan was very much in line with the tea party on racial issues, always talking about the hypothetical “Chicago Woman,” declaring, “Reagan just made shit up.”

Maher brought up a Reagan quote: “A tree’s a tree, how many more do you need to look at?” He called Reagan the “original pitchman for batshit” who spewed the same anti-socialist rhetoric that tea partiers do today. And “worst of all,” Maher said that Reagan “inspired a whole generation of people who hate government to get into government.”

Maher continued with saying:
“He was patient zero for everything you’re fighting against now. He was the original teabagger. Stop agreeing he was a saint, especially when his two miracles were turning water into polluted water and walking on the poor.”

Watch the video below, courtesy of HBO:

If indeed Reagan was a GOD, he was a fraudulent one.

True story: Move over Poseidon -  In September last year House of Representatives American Taliban-ers -after their summer break didn't; tackle jobs, didn't address the Afghanistan war, no these asshats - their number one priority was to hold a hearing on a bill that would honor Ronald Reagan as the American god of the oceans, placing him on the watery throne of Poseidon. The very first thing the House Republicans where to do that week was to hold a hearing of the House Subcommittee on Fisheries, Wildlife, Oceans and Insular Affairs, chaired by Congressman John Fleming, to urge passage of H.R. 6147.

Holy crap, what next, instead of Jesus coming back for the end of days are we going to get GOP GOD or better yet ocean GOD Ronnie Reagan?

Roger West