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Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Virginia Governor "Transvaginal" Bob "Swag Bag" McDonnell having more issues

In Virginia, state law allows politicians to receive gifts of any value as long as they disclose them.

Democrat Tim Kaine, the state's former governor and current senator, took full advantage of the law by accepting $201,595 worth of gifts between 2006 and 2010. That puts Kaine second to only one politician when it came to taking swag. This distinct honor goes to Governor Transvaginal Bob McDonnell.

The current Talibangelical governor has accepted $303,550 in legal gifts. What has transvaginal Bob in so much hot water are the gifts he reportedly didn't disclose.

The Washington Post is investigating claims that the Virginia governor took illegal gifts, and also published a record of every legal gift he has accepted while in office.

Rachel Maddow below exposes transvaginal Bob's swag bag faux pas:


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The Virgininian-Pilot reports that Fairfax City Senator John Chapman Peterson has called for McDonnell's resignation:
"If you or your family has received gifts of the type alleged, then you should disclose that fully and immediately," Petersen writes in a letter dated July 1.

"If those gifts are retail consumer items which you have retained for personal use, then you should return them immediately to the donor or sell them and donate the money to the Literary Fund," his letter reads. "That is the only method by which the public can regain trust in your Office. Without that trust, there is no purpose in continuing to serve."
 If McDonnell is unable or unwilling to address the issue, Petersen offered this recommendation: "You should step down as Governor and permit the Lieutenant Governor to serve out the balance of your term."

The scandal has also tainted Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, a Tea Party darling, an extreme woman controlling talibangelical who is currently running to replace McDonnell when his term ends in January.

* Cuccinelli violated state law several years ago by failing to disclose $20,000 worth of stock in Star Scientific, a tobacco supplement company currently under federal investigation.

Unless and until transvaginal Bob steps up and explains his wrong doings, he needs to go, period! Everyday the evolving swag bag scandal gets worse and worse. At the end of the day, its Virginian's who lose out.

The number of alias for Bob are ever growing - "Transvaginal Bob, Swag Bag Bob...........

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, your are today's schmuck of the day!

Roger West