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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Race Baiting, The Teapublican Way

Newt Gingrich's latest book

While this blog is geared towards racism, we are also are pointing out that Newt can't keep track of his lies, I mean facts! Please save us the theatrics Newt, and your condescending sneering look when spewing detritus from your vocal chords.

Once Newt Gingrich played the race card, he soared above the other teapublicans to win the South Carolina primary. He knows how to prey on the fears and prejudices of voters. He's the antithesis of our current POTUS.

With each debate we see and hear thunderous applause in support of Newt Gingrich's continuing effort to connect poverty to stereotypes of African-Americans, and Newts history of race-baiting continues on.

A once experienced politician and strategist who was Speaker of the House during the contentious period of welfare reform, he knows all too well where the racial landmines lie, making it obvious that he has been purposely stepping into them. This clear political strategy to gain a certain group of white voters always presents a Catch-22 for the black community and progressives.

Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) telling CNN:

 “Newt Gingrich is throwing red meat to the base, saying little words and phrases that we are very familiar here in the South. I’m saying he’s appealing to an element in this party that will see President Obama as different from all other presidents that we have had.”

Gingrich responded to that generous critique (it’s really not coded at all) by saying :
“It’s unfortunate that liberal leaders, whatever their ethnic background, can’t have an honest open debate about policies that fail. The fact is far more whites than blacks are on food stamps, and liberals shouldn’t get away with hiding the consequence of their bad policies by yelling racism.”

This is a strange statement by Gingrich, because he appears to be correcting himself. It wasn’t “liberal leaders” who singled out black people as being “satisfied with food stamps,” it was Newton Leroy Gingrich. It wasn’t “liberal leaders” who singled out urban poor kids to become 9 year-old janitors, it was Gingrich. He appears to want it both ways, to be a “teller of uncomfortable truths” about race to his base, while whitewashing his rhetoric to the rest of the world.


14.7 Million using food stamps under Bush
14.2 Million using food stamps under Obama


Children                  47%
Seniors                      8%
Working families    41%


White                        36%
African-American    22%
Hispanic                   10%

Th true Eye-Of-Newt

Unfortunate for Newt, the majority of the people temporarily relying on food stamps and unemployment insurance to get them through bad times are white.

If asked if he is race baiting, Newt Gingrich would obviously say no, in his arrogant, 'you're asking me a ridiculously stupid question' sort of way.

Newt's race baiting tactics apes another - This race-baiting strategy proved an effective tool for another politician from the south as well, AKA George Wallace. The only difference between the two is time and death.

When Newt Gingrich began using racially charged assertions like President Obama wants to be "food stamp" president - while he - Gingrich wants to be the paycheck president - he knew that's exactly the kind of hyperbolic contrast that the one-third of the American radical right electorate wants to hear - and he fed it to them; and they rewarded him mightily for it.

Gingrich’s attack on the food stamp program is not surprising; it’s the kind of politics that he’s been helping to perfect for over 30 years. He’s been waging the conservative counterrevolution against economic justice for a generation, using whatever "red meat" he can toss at the rabid racist republican base.

More than 40 Catholic leaders and theologians have issued an open letter to Catholic candidates Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum, warning them “to stop perpetuating ugly racial stereotypes on the campaign trail.”

The signers of the open letter, which was released Friday (Jan. 20), cited Gingrich’s repeated criticisms of Barack Obama as a “food stamp president” who encourages government dependency for the poor, especially for African-Americans.

They also criticized Santorum’s statement that he does not want “to make black people’s lives better by giving them somebody else’s money.” Santorum later said he intended to use a word other than “black” but did not say what that word would have been.

At last Thursday’s debate in South Carolina, both Santorum and Gingrich continued to blast the Obama administration for allegedly encouraging the use of food stamps.

Those statements have been criticized for encouraging racially charged associations between blacks and government welfare, and have drawn sharp denunciations from civil rights groups and many pundits like NFTOS.

In their open letter, the Catholic leaders say that raising “racist caricatures is irresponsible, immoral and unworthy of political leaders.”

Well, I am not as kind as the Catholic leaders - Newt's race baiting - its repulsive, disturbing, and full of crapulous rhetoric!

Someone needs to school lard ass behind the woodshed if he continues with this tone. Regressing, as the tea baggers are so inclined to do - and era pre 1861 is not acceptable, and it should not be tolerated by any American citizen. This vision only exists with the "Bill Looman's" of the world, and this mentality proves that teapublicans truly encapsulate the troglodyte lifestyle, which is:

                       "a prehistoric cave dweller, a person of degraded,
                        primitive,  or brutal character,a person living
                        in seclusion, a person unacquainted with affairs
                        of the world, an animal living underground."

This race baiting vernacular leads to websites like this. And yet I am the guy that is called radical, if my kind of radical is worng, I don't want to be right!

A video from "constitutional emergency"

The mind truly is a terrible thing to waste!

UPDATE: 1/24/12 17:31  And Newt keeps on pushing the envelope.

Roger West