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Sunday, June 2, 2013


Today, this Sunday, lets take a test. Lets see if we can discern the difference between a Taliban - or your everyday circa 2013 GOPer.

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I am often asked why I call GOPers terrorist, AKA the American Taliban. Radicalism comes in many forms, republican Jesus worshipers types come to mind as radical [Westboro Baptist church], gun huggers sending ricin to the President seem a bit radical ['you will have to pry my gun from my cold dead hands mentality], and those whom choose Guns Over People, the real Taliban, Muslim Extremists not affiliated with the Taliban, white supremacists, and yes the republican party circa 2013 -  are all very dangerous and extreme in ideology.

The above test is just a short list, a very short list if you will, of the extremism of the far right wing establishment currently known as the GOP. One doesn't have to kill physically to be a terrorist, although in some cases the American Taliban has gone to such extremes as to kill doctors whom perform procedures on women.

Just this week we saw the extreme fringe of Faux News get overly excited about women becoming the bread-winner of households. These nut jobs came completely unglued and unhinged knowing that 40% of households - that females are the major money maker. Damn you women, get back to making babies and making me a sandwich!

Until these troglodytes come to the year 2013; where men and women are equal, where skin color has no relevance, where sexuality is one's given choice, where all law abiding citizens of this county should have the fundamental right to vote, where the poor should have affordable healthcare, where what women do with their bodies is their choice. Only then will these Neanderthals themselves become a part of this century and accepted as non-terrorist. The ideals of dragging your knuckles and your women around by their hair - that mentality died well before Christianity existed.

When pasty white GOPers still say things like: "legitimate rape" and "a aspirin between a women's knees for contraception" - when governors like Virginia's own Bob "Transvaginal" McDonnell and potential Va Govna Ken Coochinelli [misspelled purposely] think is just and right to probe women's vagina's against their will......

As a friend told me: "suppose we should be grateful women are not to be stoned to death for inviting rape" - The GOP is fittingly and rightly called, The American Taliban!

Editor-In Chief
Roger West