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Tuesday, October 22, 2013



In hindsight, hate hag Ann Coulter believes the government shutdown turned out very well and that the tin foil hat society played it beautifully, telling Sean Hannity she’s “proud” of teahadists like Ted Cruz who took a stand on Obamacare. They both agreed that “everything run by the government will get more expensive and worse over time,” though Coulter slightly disagreed with Hannity about tactics going forward.

Coulter blasted the health care law, suggesting it was some diabolical plan - “designed to fail so they can move it to a single-payer system,” and said that now it’s very clear how effective the shutdown was. The hate hag said that the, “The shutdown was so magnificent, run beautifully, I’m so proud of these Republicans.”

Hannity admitted he was bothered by Republicans like John McCain who sold out the rest of their party instead of holding the ranks. Coultergeist even lamented how some of “our media” was too busy going after Cruz, and argued the liberal media wouldn't be this critical if a House Democratic majority attempted what the Republicans did.


Its amazing how many bullshit mountain hate hags there are, from Coulter to Malkin, from Loesch to Palin - the one trait that these women all exhibit is the lack of integrity to tell the truth.

Keep in mind readers, Ann Coulter once paid for a tutor to teach her creationism - you know, the theory that says evolution is wrong and that the earth is only thousands of years old. Let me say this again: Coulter paid for someone to educate her about a subject that 99% of scientists disagree with. Herein lies the problem, facts and science colliding with the deniers of facts and science.
FACT: Single Payer: Is more efficient, cost less , has less waste, has less fraud and less middle men taking profit and more quality care being delivered. Of course the tin foil hat society doesn't like centralized government, which is why Obamacare's expansion of state medicaid services is a good alternative. Single payer healthcare is ideal - that is if the focus is truly about keeping people healthy, and not about the almighty dollar.

Let's face it readers, if you're a liberal, you want Ann Coulter at the helm of the mother ship, because with scholars like her, we know the GOP is in good hands - a recipe for disaster she is - for her brand.

Coulter's version of "beautiful", is like winning for Charlie Sheen; in the aftermath of the GOP 24 billion dollar domestic terrorist plot, where eight in ten Americans say that they disapproved of the shutdown - would only Coulter suggest that this was a successful strategic plan.

Coulter again nails the synopsis of the event - that the government shutdown went perfectly - yes, if you ignore the fact or realization that none of the GOP's key terror demands were met when the shutdown ended, and that the tin foil hat societies poll numbers tanked severely as a result, and that millions of Americans needlessly suffered due to lost income and lack of essential government services during the stunt, and that the national economy took a hit. Yes, other than that, the Teahadists schematic to shutdown the country was indeed a thing of beauty.

Dishonest and delusional hate hags like Coulter, often find a safe haven in Hannity's den of dishonesty.

By the way, who did Hannity have on after Coulter? Why, it's Dick Cheney of course, the heartless hubris pimp who is now touring and pushing his latest book on his self professed and alleged heart. Quite the stable of lying bloodsuckers in Sean's bullpen these days.

Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, and Dick Cheney,  you are all today's worst persons in the world.

Editor-In Chief
Roger West