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Tuesday, November 25, 2014



As we all know by now, unless you live under a rock, Ferguson's police officer Darren Wilson, the murderer of Michael Brown was cleared by a grand jury - to be free man last night.

I knew from the beginning that Wilson would walk, all an officer has to do is invoke "I feared for my life" - now enters the fat lady singing, "the parties over".

Below we have enclosed several sites that provide either PDF's or links to the full grand jury testimony, caution its 4,799 pages in length.

While listening to prosecutor Bob McCulloch last night, while I expected a non-indictment, I wasn't ready for a prosecutor to be blaming social media, more exclusively Twitter, I wasn't prepared for this man to be acting as a defense lawyer for the murdering defendant [Darren Wilson] and again, assassinating Mike Brown for a second time.

We heard McCulloch tells us how inconsistent witnesses were, we heard stories of grandeur, like that Darren Wilson never stood over the dead body of Mike Brown. The picture below indeed shows the murderer standing over his fresh kill, like a hunter in the woods.


We were told that this murderer had a broken eye socket, below photo clearly shows little evidence of any violence let alone a broken eye socket.


Below is the transcript on why Michael Browns death scene was not captured for evidence

Seriously? WTF! Batteries dead? Are medical examiners really this incompetent? I would expect this examiner to fired immediately! 

Instead of this prosecutor ensuring a indictment against the murdering Darren Wilson, he indicted twitter and Michael Brown.

Three months of waiting, ten seconds of verdict and forty minutes of pure unadulterated bullshit patronizing the masses of on how social media was to blame. The injustice of America for all the world to see.

I doesn't take one hundred days to decide if a murder is a crime readers, it takes 100 days to figure out how to spin the bullshit so that the masses find it believable.

I reiterate from previous blogs;
"Jeffery Dahlmer, Timothy McVeigh, Jarred Loughner, and the Colorado Movie theater killer James Holmes, all mass murderers, were taken alive after their actions. Recent Pennsylvania cop killer Eric Frien, was indeed taken in alive".
The fundamental danger in this Ferguson non-indictment is not more riots, it's more Darren Wilson's.

And so it is readers, the killing of Michael Brown, an unarmed black man - he was not even worthy of a trial. If you're skeptical of the government when it inspects workplace chemicals, imagine how you'd feel if you could be shot dead with no trial.

Michael Brown's case is not noise, its a signal, a signal that every 28 hours in this country, an African-American is killed by a police officer.

Hey black people, remain calm. Trust the cops who murder your unarmed kids, trust the laws that fail you, and the justice system that discriminates against you.

Season Greetings Ferguson!

All 4,799 pages can be viewed in a PDF here via the NY Times.

The Washington Post organized the voluminous document into small sections here.

The Guardian broke the testimony up into 76 different documents here.

View just the testimony of Darren Wilson here.

Also, we've embedded the entire PDF below (may load slowly, it's a huge file):

Roger West