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Thursday, September 19, 2013


On the heels of yet another senseless mass shooting, Jon Stewart posed a question: why are conservatives so eager to throw away all the amendments to keep the country safe… except the second one.

Stewart found it odd how someone with mental health and legal issues was able to legally own a gun and even pass a background check “with flying crazy.”

But more importantly, Stewart wanted to know why no form of gun control whatsoever seems to be acceptable. He called out conservatives from Senator John Cornyn to Fox News’ Eric Bolling for seemingly having no issue being lenient when it comes to most of the Constitution but being very gung-ho about guns. Stewart could only conclude, “With guns, the Constitution is ironclad, but with terrorism, it’s a list of suggestions.”

GOP Loves Second Amendment and The Rest Are Just ‘Suggestions’ Part 1
Video courtesy of Comedy Central

GOP Loves Second Amendment and The Rest Are Just ‘Suggestions’ Part 2
Video courtesy of Comedy Central

These videos are yet another hilarious take on the GOP hypocrisy – not that it’s anything we didn't already know.

The holier-than-thou Conservative patriots apply their own interpretations as they pick and choose parts of the Constitution – just as they pick and choose verses of the Bible – and then ignore or make exceptions to other parts of those same documents to fit the needs of their agenda.

This is the problem you have when you literally worship words written centuries ago and assume they are infallible, or applicable as written in today’s real world.

I played these videos for a Guns Over People nut prior to posting my blog today. He went absolutely batshit crazy. After fifteen minutes of pure unadulterated madness and seething blather, I suggested that perhaps if I played the clips at half-speed for him, that maybe he would understand what was being argued. This GOPer, a bona fide 'Fox News Listener' - I told him it must be tough for him to understand adult conversations. Its been three hours and I've heard nothing but crickets.

Yesterday we mentioned about Fox and Friends, their newest idiot, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, and how this RWNJ suggested that video games and guns in said video games be monitored. And I got to thinking, if you think we need gun control in video games, but not in real life, it's time for you to relinquish your rights to breathing.

An example of just how archaic and useless some parts of the constitution are, look at the 3rd amendment:
"No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law."

The Constitution needs to be placed in a historical context. The authors of the constitution, didn't see into the future. Adhering to documents that are as old as Methuselah - without edits to reflect the times - are as useless as used toilet paper.

The second amendment was written with powered muskets in mind, not weapons that can shoot multiple rounds. I have written a plethora of times on the mindset of the American Talibaner - where only the first and second amendments are of value, I doubt, and would bet the farm that not a single solitary tin foil hat society member could tell you what the reaming amendments are.

The Guns Over People only show up to bitch when a big liberal voice like Jon Stewart attacks the second amendment - the need for gun control is obvious - but the GOP is so obsessed and OCD with the second amendment, that the remaining - the majority of Americans end up feeling like puppies that have been sodomized with a shotgun!

Roger West