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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tea Party Can't Win With Sarahnoya Backing

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Tea Party runners can't quite pull it off. Maybe America does get it. If you see the Dana Loesch blog today she is boasting about winning health care reform for state of Missouri...Does Missouri have anything or anyone worth two bits there? Anyhow the right wing extremist can only bolster a small victory at the polls yesterday.

Okay Americans its down to B-ROCK or Sarahnoya...whom you going to choose?

I would assume the GOP will soon succeed from the radical tea baggers, the movement has lost its steam and the lies and bullshit will increase as their grasp loosens on the rope.

I would imagine when Breibart, Loesch and Coulter fall from the rope that we shall hear a big thud!

Whether voters are for reform of health or not my own state is top on the list to fight this in the court system, at which time this shall end up in the top court. At which time we shall be told that B-Rocks health reform stands! Period! Its no wonder Missouri is the dump it is, refusing health care for all, I would imagine income per capita is lowest in the Union here. And if Loesch is your leader Missouri God help you and you deserve all the shit you get. Its like following her brilliance into a theater of war....thanks but no thanks...