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Thursday, February 17, 2011


UPDATE 2-17-2011 18:31
Progressive Solidarity Movement Emerges In Wisconsin

Unless you have been hiding under a bed of late you have to be cognizant of Wisconsin's Governor (R) Scott Walker and his attempt to "trim' the states deficit.

State workers in Wisconsin are protesting a statement by Republican Governor Scott Walker that, union reps say, amounts to a threat to use the National Guard to help break the public union.

Citing a $137 million budget deficit, Walker announced a plan last week which would essentially take away the public union's collective bargaining rights and slash benefits for state employees. Meanwhile, the share of corporate tax revenue funding the state government has fallen by half since 1981 and, according to Wisconsin Department of Revenue, two-thirds of corporations pay no taxes.

The only thing readers is that if you view the Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau numbers cited Jan 31, 2010, two months prior to walker taking over - says "that our analysis indicates a general fund gross of $121.4 million and a net balance of 56.4 million exists" in the Wisconsin 'till". Not a 137.0 million short fall as regurgitated by Scotty.

What has happened is that "Scotty" invoked the number one republican rule, which is to slash taxes on the rich, which in Scotty's short term (two months) as Governor will reduce Wisconsin's general fund tax collections by 55.2 million in 2011-2012 and 62.0 million 2012-2013.

Also the Govna wants to do away with "combined reporting of corporate income taxes" which in essence:  
"concludes that the adoption of combined reporting would increase corporate income tax receipts on the order of 10 to 25 percent." This "write off" to the corporations would cost Wisconsin 187 million dollars over two years.
Holy Guadal Canal Batman!

Walkers "Cuts" to the unions would cost the state 9,000 jobs and 111.0 million dollars in lost revenue.

Is this really how we want "red states" and republican governors running our states?

These "enemies of the state" are on one mission, and that mission is too bust every union that is under republican governorship rule. This choreographed attack is also taking roost in New Jersey, Alabama, Arizona and the list goes on. Some thirty states are now governed by radical tea bags, to include my own of Virginia.

This scene may become a familiar one to other states that are considering similar measures:
Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) is supporting a bill that will potentially eliminate collective bargaining for all state workers. Governor Kasich has said he may propose additional measures such as eliminating automatic pay increases and banning public-employee strikes, both to help cut down the state’s $8 billion budget gap. On Tuesday, hundreds of people jammed into the state capitol to protest the measures.

A bill moving through the Tennessee state legislature will, if passed, eliminate collective bargaining rights for unionized state teachers and make achieving tenure more difficult.  
A bill moving through the Tennessee state legislature will, if passed, eliminate collective bargaining rights for unionized state teachers and make achieving tenure more difficult.

In Michigan, a state commerce committee introduced legislation in January that would dismantle the power unions have in negotiating state-worker contracts.

On Wednesday, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn (D) signed a bill that limits certain state workers’ rights to join a collective bargaining unit.

This republican mentality of "letting the tail wag the dog" has established itself well within the rank and file of teas.

Last November our President lost his testicular fortitude in the "shellacking" during the mid-term voting.

While progressives anxiously await for Barack's testis to descend, Democrats are left to defend the rights of unions by themselves. Until the President can stand up with his pair firmly entrenched where they need to be, middle class America will continue to suffer at the hands of republican leaders.

The biggest irritant for the Obama administration so far this calendar year has not come from Senate Republicans eager to filibuster, nor from recalcitrant House Republican leaders threatening a government shutdown.

Rather, the most effective stymieing of the White House has come from a relatively new batch of governors buoyed by the national political climate and eager to showcase their conservative bona fides in opposition to the administration.

Regardless of what's compelled Republican governors to rebel, the political ramifications remain both unknown and potentially drastic.

In modern history our governors have been, of necessity, both pragmatic and moderate. Today, there are a more than few of these Republicans, like in Florida and Wisconsin, who just seem to be so radical, extreme and ideological.

Clearly the numbers above show that the "unions" are not the down fall for the "cheeseheads" woes.

This "subliminal" message, or the hidden agenda of the radical right is to push the envelope when it comes to governing states. Unions are not the fault of huge deficits that reside within states.

If Faux News and radical republicans thought the "Egyptian Revolution" was bad, should righties continue down this ugly road, then republican governors can only expect that the "Madison Revolt" will cascade and escalate to a national voice of displeasure for right wing ideology.

Karl Rove explained it best on Faux news, stating that busting up the unions is just and right for they are the formidable opponent to the next tea bag to run for office. A great strategy from camp tea bag, but I am not sure the "majority' of Americans are on the same page as the delusional tea partier.

Unions are very beneficial to workers here in the United States. For if not there would not be:

Vacations, minimum wage wouldn't exist (meaning your current salary would be less than this current rate), collective bargaining would not be available. All unequivocally are the staples to the working folk in the USA.
So Mr. and Ms. republican, keep encouraging "union busters", for soon all Americans can say that have been treated like the 8 year old Nike worker in Singapore.