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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Yes America, Virginia Law Makers Are Idiots


Virginia State lawmakers have been discussing a proposal to consider whether the commonwealth needed its own currency in the event of the collapse of the United States.
To briefly recap for those just joining us, Virginia Del. Robert G. Marshall (R), sometimes referred to as "Sideshow Bob," wanted a taxpayer-financed study to examine the feasibility of Virginia having its own currency. As Marshall sees it, state policymakers have reason to fear the wholesale collapse of American civilization -- his strange theory has something to do with the Federal Reserve and the Weimar Republic -- and should prepare for the possibility that American currency might someday soon have no value.

Marshall has raised the idea before, but this time, his constitutionally-dubious plan -- states are not supposed to create their own currencies -- sailed through the Virginia House of Delegates, passing by a two-to-one majority earlier this month.
It's only fair, then, that I note that the effort came to an abrupt end few days ago.

Earlier this week, the state Senate, reluctant to make Virginia's legislature the national laughingstock once again, ended this farce before it could go any further.

The U.S. dollar will remain the only legal tender in the commonwealth for now. The Virginia Senate the other day killed a House proposal that would have established a joint subcommittee to study the feasibility "of a metallic-based monetary unit" as an alternative to the dollar.

My thoughts on these law makers whom decide my lifestyle are a plethora, having lived in Virginia for over 35 years, the endless amount of hillbilly redneck style governing is alive and strong! Transvaginal Bob comes to mind.

As Virginia reels from the probing of liberal media, snicker across the country arise from within.
Lest we begin to think these hams are half-baked - that they find the cure for losing their allure as the place for lovers and sisters who marry their brothers. "Let's be less of a joke lawmakers and more like common folk!

Virginian's abound could hear sighs coming from Monticello as the theatre of the absurd bows to the 700 and gets trumped by reality by the sea. I'm a bit rusty at this but - run the steps by me again. The dancers form up in 2 lines facing each other, do some elbow swings, sashay around a bit, and end up in their original positions?

There is always a paranoia when political strategies - are being employed again by another set of American Taliban policy-makers! Instead of showing their fear of and paranoia toward their fellow Americans, these modern radical tea drinkers should wake up and smell the coffee of the common good, otherwise, just like the dear Virginia Commonwealth representative, tea baggers across the country are yet again reinforcing the ["I don't want to go see Uncle Bob again"] agitation felt by innocent young nephews and nieces when the next family outing turns into an urgent plea by the middle class to stop being politically FUBAR!

I'm sure that most logical Virginian's like myself are glad that the state legislature's idea of a metal based monetary unit - is Gone with the breaking Wind.

Roger West