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Thursday, July 11, 2013



UPDATE: The Richmonder: Sources Confirm McDonnell Negotiating Resignation

Let me begin by saying that it’s a common standard, a conservative forensic device: Deflection. Every time a conservative is being outed as a racist, a bribe taker, a hypocrite, an adulterer or just a dead-souled, compassion-less, narcissistic, self-absorbed, “I got mine,” “not my brother’s keeper,” anti-social-compact, unlettered objectivist asshole, we get the Pavlovian response, “Well, yeah, but some Democrat did something horrible too once, so its OK for a Talibangelical to do so.”

This, from the party that advocates taking responsibility for ones action, but yet they never actually manage to own any of their politics, nor any of their other major deficiencies.

Day by day, Transvaginal Bob McDonnell finds himself deep in the trenches of illegal gift receiving. Yesterday the anti upped itself via the Washington Post, that Transvaginal Bob received yet another $120,000 in do-re-mi, cold hard cash. When does it end Bob?

Governor Ultrasound and his family have abused power, apparently often and frequently, and they have bilked the state tax payers of many bones [dollars].


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What was once a little bug bite for Governor Ultrasound - has now turned into a viral contagious disease.

The Washington Post is now reporting that yet another daughter [the eldest of Transvaginal Bob] has had her wedding paid for and funded by Star Scientifics' CEO as well.

Governor Ultrasound and his family had an open siphon to the CEO's wallet! That's' right, the company McDonnell was hawking was donating to his family left and right. hand over fist if you will.

There’s wild rumors that state Attorney General Ken "Cooch" Cuccinelli will be the first one running in the other direction. However, Cuccinelli has his own depends to change, as he is being accused of accepting undisclosed donations from the exact same CEO.

Although he’s trying to rebrand himself as a moderate, ready to lead type of person (the usual radical Talibangelical meme), you might recall the "Cooch" as the American Talibaner who compared women’s health to slavery. Or perhaps you recognize him as the person causing conservative women by the droves to flee the GOP ticket due to his “dangerous… anti-woman health agenda.”


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67% of the voters in the latest Bearing Drift poll support transvaginal Bob's resignation, and these are not liberals.

When the American Taliban says your scandal is not survivable, and a Democrat (party of perhaps too much civility and a well earned reputation for tepidness) is calling for your head in resignation, it’s got to be time to exit stage left. After all, the American Taliban stood behind Ensign and Vitter and re-ran Appalachian Trail hiker and post abandon-er Mark Sanford.

Seriously Bob, save what little respect we have for you, save what little moral ethical being you may have left in you and step down, leave the office today! While exiting, please be reminded, don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you.

Today, the entire McDonnell family - you folks have served yourselves well as first Virginia family - all of you are today's worst people of the day! Congratulations McDonnell family, as no family has ever in our history of presenting the worst humans in our world, has a family ever walked away with this well earned coveted award. Kudos!

Roger West