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Sunday, November 30, 2014


Protecting and Serving the shit out of us:

The Cleveland officers who shot a 12-year-old boy holding a toy gun then failed to give him first aid for nearly four minutes. The boy was finally administered first aid when a detective and FBI agent arrived at the scene.

But it was too late. The boy, Tamir Rice, died after being transported to the hospital.

According to newly surveillance video, Rice was shot by the officers within two seconds of their arrival at the scene.

A department spokesman told a local ABC station he “was unsure of the policy related to how and when officers are required to provide medical assistance.” The officers’ conduct is “under investigation.”

The officers believed that the 12-year-old Rice was a “black male” who appeared “about 20.”

The family is outspoken in their belief that their son’s death was avoidable, had the police officers acted appropriately. The U.S. Justice Department has an ongoing investigation into the Cleveland Police “over allegations of excessive and unreasonable deadly force.

As per the norm in this country, whether it be cops or gun huggers, its shoot first ask questions later.

Bundy Militia Aiming At Federal Agents

At the Bundy ranch we had white men aiming rifles at federal agents - the Second Amendment doesn't apply to black people. White men with guns equals Second Amendment right, black men with guns equals thugs who deserve a death sentence.

What kind of human, let alone a man sworn to protect and serve the shit out of us, takes four minutes to save a live, your answer, an in-human one.

The NRA and GOP [Guns Over People] have reduced America to armchair Judge's, Jury's and executioners. Selling our soul's to the lowest bidders. Maybe this officer, like Darren Wilson, saw demons and thought this twelve year old looked like Hulk Hogan?

What an utter clusterfuck this is. What cop barrels up like the A-Team within 3 feet of an armed suspect, despite their age? The cops yelled three times for him to drop the gun? Not likely. With the mentality of police of late, maybe first aid was withheld because these incompetent cops began to realize that dead men (kids) tell no tales.

Too often is the case, many American cops think its their duty to carry out a final solution to the Black problem.

America is at a golden age, where authoritarian incompetence has run rampant. Being a cop is not a license to kill, its a license to protect. When the mentality exists - "that we trust no one", that you are guilty before proven innocent - herein lies the problem.

This is the second story of late, where an African American with a toy gun has been peppered with bullets by over zealots with a badge and gun.

Utterly fucking Disgusting people!

Roger West