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Saturday, August 17, 2013



You're WTF moment of the week.: Republicans Bar CNN, NBC From 2016 GOP Primary Debates

That awkward moment when the world sees you as complete dumbass.

The American Taliban/Teahadists/Talibangelicals/Guns Over People are meeting this week to discuss their hate for everything non-pasty white. One of the topics of discussion CNN is doing a documentary on Hillary Clinton and NBC is doing a mini-series on her as well...... until yesterday it was all talk, but Friday they cranked up stupid, today they voted to not allow CNN nor NBC to host any GOP debates.

HEADLINES READ: "The Republican National Committee has approved a resolution to block two television networks from hosting GOP presidential primary debates."


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Friday's vote affirms RNC chairman Reince Priebus's (ryns PREE'-bus) threat against CNN and NBC unless the networks drop plans to air programs about possible Democratic presidential contender Hillary Rodham Clinton. The vote at the committee's summer meeting in Boston was unanimous.

Priebus said that the networks have, quote, "an obvious bias."

Even before the Clinton dispute, Republican leaders favored plans to have fewer presidential debates with more friendly moderators. They believe their 2012 presidential candidates spent too much time beating up each other in last year's months-long primary season, which contributed to Mitt Romney's loss.

Who loses in this instance!? Certainly this is a win-win for the entire country! Less people to see them, the less votes they get, means no white house for them.

They know they can't stop the Hillary machine, so I'll take my ball and run! At least when Michael Steele ran the RNC they made some simile of sense, now the idiots take stupid to its highest level!

MADDOW Video courtesy of MSNBC 

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I sit back dumbfounded at the statements made, actions conducted by these knuckle dragging Neanderthals! Things that send the blathering blighted NECONS into a frenzy are too numerous to mention in this blog. How's that old saying go? Oh yeah, "don't go away mad, just go away"!

The GOP brand is about dead, whether they see it or not. Pretty soon they will be the black during the civil war and the black in the 1960's, like the unwanted Mexican today, like the LBGT just a few short years ago, like the female today who wants control and say over her own person........Hated, shunned, mocked, alienate, segregated, and hopefully disenfranchised from the Union that is these Untied States!

The only difference between the dinosaurs watching the meteor head towards them and the GOP....... is that the dinosaurs knew they were going to be extinct!

Great move asshats, ban yourselves from all TV, that makes the most sense to me!

Caution, move on, nothing to see here!

Roger West