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When Roger West first launched the progressive political blog "News From The Other Side" in May 2010, he could hardly have predicted the impact that his venture would have on the media and political debate. As the New Media emerged as a counterbalance to established media sources, Roger wrote his copious blogs about national politics, the tea party movement, mid-term elections, and the failings of the radical right to the vanguard of the New Media movement. Roger West's efforts as a leading blogger have tremendous reach. NFTOS has led the effort to bring accountability to mainstream media sources such as FOX NEWS, Breitbart's "Big Journalism. Roger's breadth of experience, engaging style, and cultivation of loyal readership - over 92 million visitors - give him unique insight into the past, present, and future of the New Media and political rhetoric that exists in our society today. What we are against: Radical Right Wing Agendas Incompetent Establishment Donald J. Trump Corporate Malfeasence We are for: Global and Econmoic Security Social and Economic Justice Media Accountability THE RESISTANCE

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Lets face it NFTOS women readers, under the American Taliban regime you're less than a third class citizen. If ye thinks not, watch the below four videos, and if it doesn't sink in, watch them until it does.

Obviously I am not a female, but this fecal matter disgusts me to know end. Women and only women - should be deciding the fate of their own person, their own body parts, and what to keep and what not to.

I find myself in wonderment, that circa 2012, that pasty white men still think it's OK to control a women's right to her own body. Yes, straight out the 1950's radiation bomb shelter to your vagina ladies.

I wonder where this mentality is derived from, is it the gene pool, do they learn this from their parents growing up, do they learn this at their Southern Baptist bible revivals? How can any man say that a baby conceived from rape is "GODS Will"!? This is understood as a crime to most humans, but is considered by the American Taliban as the  "immaculate conception".

Is it ignorance, is it a lack of education?

This is not just the Todd Akin's and Richard Mourdock's of the world, this is the ideology of the radical right fringe - the very lunatic fringe that has the moderate conservative held hostage.

Why does an American female support the very beings that want to keep them down, barefoot and pregnant if you will? Like the Samuel L. Jackson video, hey women "wake the fuck up"!


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I pray every day of my life that God shrivels up all republican mens penis', like a slug, when you pour salt on it. Remember GOPers, please remember to breed responsibly, as there is no life guard at the gene pool.

Ladies, your lifestyle is in jeopardy as you know it if you vote for "Binders Full O' Women". The decision is yours, and its your vote that decides whom garners the key code to nuclear weapons, the key to your vagina, and the key to you getting equal pay for an equal days work.

Roger West