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Wednesday, October 12, 2016


On CNN last night, several panelists on Don Lemon’s show rolled their eyes when Trump advocate Kayliegh McEnany attempted to say that the candidate had prayed his “grabbing a woman’s p*ssy” comments away and it was time to move on.

After guest Maria Cardona pointed out that the GOP presidential nominee has yet to make an unconditional apology, McEnany took offense — then played the Jesus card.
“We can all stand here in judgment and say he didn’t apologize when in fact he did five times now, and it was heartfelt,” she frantically explained. “And Dr. Ben Carson came out today and he said, ‘I saw him pray for forgiveness before the debate.’ You have James Dobson saying he’s a recent Christian and recently accepted Christ into his life. You have Sam Clovis, his co-campaign chair, saying he’s a witness to his faith conversion. This is someone who is a changed person, and he’s apologized for it. I’m not going to stand in judgment. On the is panel, we can be self-righteous or we can forgive.”


Given a chance to respond, former Bernie Sanders campaign spokesperson Symone Sanders — who grimaced through McEnany’s ‘holier than thou spiel’ — had a few things to say.
“First of all, Donald Trump only apologized because the tape came out and people found out he was saying it,” she began. “Let’s not forget that he led with, ‘These are just words.’ Well, words have power, first of all. Secondly, these aren’t just words. He described predatory sexual behavior that women all across this county can identify with.”
“Let’s not bring Jesus down on into the gutter where Donald Trump and his thugs are,” she continued. “Let’s leave the Lord out of this one. I think Donald Trump definitely has to own up to these actions and he’s not helping himself or the party.”