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Friday, August 27, 2010


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tap tap this thing on? [tapping microphone] "The Beckoning" is just about upon us. If you could all take your seats for Becks version of the Simpson's character "Side show bob".

Its like a friggen freight train wreck that never ends! 24 hours from now this asshat will make a mockery of an event 47 years ago to the day. All the 'followers' shall be in tow for the debacle called 'restoring honor".

I am hopes that calmer heads prevail, but I believe that Glenn and his hate monger patriots are going to meet resistance to his shameful attempt to be Dr. M.L. King!

Glenn Beck, a man whom barely received a H.S. education and yet he wants you to believe that his theology and grandeur are of one with a PHD. Beck like his mentor [yet another delusional extremist AKA Joe Smith jr founder of the cult called Mormonism] have derailed long ago, and the Beckoning shall only solidify Beck and the tea baggers as.........Asshats!


The Mormon Prophet Called Beck

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

I have thought about this seriously before posting but it is the truth that we seek. So to save the blogger much time Google Joseph Smith and read the first pages of the book called Mormon. Once you have done such you'll be up to speed with this blog.

The Mormon church believes that the top echelon of the church are "prophets" meaning getting advice from above, that they regularly speak often personally one on one, mono V mono, with GOD or the founder Joe Smith jr. Glenn Beck in his own mind is a self proclaimed prophet. Having lived in Utah for a few years I can tell you State and church are intertwined like the plethora of wives a Ute takes on! While residing in Utah I can tell you its the only time in my life where I have been prejudiced against. Why, because I was not of the Joe Smith faith.

I can tell you that the Mormon is as radical and extreme as the tea party enthusiasts. And its now wonder the prophet called Beck is like he is! He certainly has the mentality of a Mormon in Utah! Now if he is packing Deseret tuna and drinks and he has a baby Quonset hut behind the pulpit you know he is one to watch!

This must be his reasoning for the "rally" and for the future banter that shall commence at his pulpit tomorrow in D.C.

We normally take weekends off from blog land and our sister Internet radio show. But we have decided that Beck is deserving of his 15 minutes and we shall be with you every step of they way!

Beck has stated that [Beck is also self proclaimed history buff} he didn't know that when getting visions from the angel Moroni that his festivities scheduled for tomorrow where the same as Dr. MLK famous speech, and yet Beck will be at the very same spot as the late doctors event so many years ago. Coincidence, not to this blogger. The extremist tea bagger is calculated in their attack on B-ROCK and their distribution of hate and discontent.

Some early foot notes prior to the prophet speaking through GOD tomorrow;

1. Rich tea baggers meet today [8/27/10] at a power pow wow and claim B-ROCK is a modern day Hitler and Mussolini? Are you f*&^ing kidding me!!?? Is this your stance Republican?!?!?!?

2. Beck is claiming no written words for his rhetoric from the pulpit tomorrow. He is said to be "reclaiming" "civil rights" WTF Einstein your WHITE for Christ sake and you clearly despise the current POTUS [see fox am news show where he calls out the black POTUS] because of his color, yet today the buffoon was visiting Sirius radio and was coaxed into a black radio show...bad mistake called out Beck on his hate for the colored POTUS and other blacks.....the prophetic leader of the Republican troops retracted stating that he misunderstood POTUS position....clearly a save face maneuver 24 hours prior to the Beck speech which Beck is quoted as saying "that GOD will be speaking through him"......Hows that make you feel both Christians and Americans?!?!?! NFTOS wonders if Beck will be Benny Hinn like and smack folks on the head and heal them?

3. Dr. King will be attending Becks prophetic session this Saturday...Yes Dr. "ALVEDA" King neice to Martin will stand with Beck at the pulpit. Your first clue she is FUBAR is Dr. Martins offspring have ousted Alveda years ago due to visions of grandeur and her taking credit for Uncles works and trying to ride the coat tail of the famous uncle to millionairedom......Idiots that flock together...................