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Saturday, August 3, 2013


From last nights New Rules segment, Bill Maher had some suggestions for "super-rich" liberals about what to do to combat the likes of the "Koch brother from another mother" who has turned North Carolina into wing-nut land, Art Pope.

Bill Maher did more last night than what most journalists have not done other than maybe Rachel Maddow, by exposing Art Pope, the Koch brothers wannabe, and how he's basically bought the government of North Carolina to reshape it into his personal right-wing wet dream.

Quoting Maher:
And finally, New Rule: It's time for America to get off the sidelines and support a proud people in a region where religious freedom, women's rights, and democracy itself hang in the balance. I'm talking, of course, about North Carolina.
Now every year here at Real Time, we do our Stupidest State contest, and the competition is always fierce, especially from perennials like Texas, Florida, and Kansas. But North Carolina right now is going apeshit in a way no state ever has. Take every crazy angry idea your drunk right-wing uncle mumbles at Thanksgiving, turn it into a law, and that's North Carolina today.


Brace yourself, North Carolina. Allowing Art Pope to manipulate your state means there will be draconian cuts to services in your state, the poor will become poorer, and billionaires will add more billions to their coffers - your state will be on the nations hit list as the one of most disgusting states when it comes to civil rights, women's rights, and the poor.

Congratulations Art Pope, you are today's asshat of the day.


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