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Saturday, December 19, 2015



"What good does it do to have  nuclear weapons if you're afraid to use it"? Let this sink in a bit before reading just how fucked up Ms. Katrina Pierson is.

Fuckface Von Clownstick's spokeswoman lashed out at his fellow Republican candidates for saber-rattling about war — inferring that they are all talk and no action — before wondering whether it does the U.S. any good to have nuclear weapons if our leaders are afraid to use them.

Appearing on The O’Reilly Factor, Clownstick's spokesperson Katrina Pierson hammered at the other candidates while covering for her boss who, in a recent debate, was stumped when asked the country’s nuclear strike capability known as the “nuclear triad.”


“What good does it do to have a good nuclear triad if you’re afraid to use it?” Pierson asked. “And that’s where we are today and we need to fix these problems. Not just complaining and name-calling about who started this and who started that.”
Pierson’s comments stunned conservative columnist and Desert Storm veteran Kurt Schlichter, who got into a contentious argument with Pierson over her boss’s ignorance on nuclear matters.
“The point of the nuclear triad is to be afraid to use the damn thing. You want to scare the hell out of the other side,” Schlichter excitedly yelled. “And frankly, my side will be more scared if Donald Trump gets his finger on the button.”
In a previous television appearance, Pierson defended Clownstick's much-criticized proposal to ban Muslims from entering the country, telling a horrified S.E. Cupp of CNN: “So what? They’re Muslim.”

And this is why Fuckface Von Clownstick doesn't get access to nuclear key codes!

Congratulations Katrina, you are today's asshat of the day. Enjoy!

Roger West