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Thursday, October 16, 2014



In the weirdest start of a gubernatorial debate ever Florida Gov. Rick Scott refused to take to the stage for his debate against former Gov. Charlie Crist. It wasn’t because he was feeling ill or anything logical such as that. It was because Crist had been given an electric fan to deal with the humidity and Scott was going to be forced to go it alone.

The Tin Foil Hat governor finally emerged at least six minutes late as flummoxed moderators struggled on live TV to figure out what to do with a bemused Crist standing solo on stage at Broward College.
"Are we really going to debate about a fan? Or are we going to talk about education and the environment and the future of our state?" Crist asked. "I mean, really."
The sharp elbows started almost as soon as Scott walked out, looking rattled. Scott went on offense quickly, but some of his supporters privately fretted that the fan incident could be a defining and damaging moment for the incumbent in the final stretch of a close race.

Republicans who were in attendance at the debate streamed out of Broward College's Bailey Hall like they were leaving a funeral.



If the election for Florida governor were held today, less than 24 hours after #Fangate or #Fanghazi, it's likely Democrat Charlie Crist would win his old job back. Not by much, but by the few points afforded him by numbnutz Rick Scott - for his for-the-history-books petulance.

Or maybe not. Maybe there just aren't enough undecided voters left in this election to overcome the GOP's historical dominance of midterm elections [As if, if Floridians vote this asshat inagain as their governor, may the get exactly what they deserve!].

But if Scott does end up being the third Republican governor in twenty years to not serve a second term - Fanghazi can be pinpointed to - as one of the worst campaign strategies ever.

Florida Governor Rick Scott, congratulations sir, you are today's asshat of day.

Roger West