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Thursday, August 18, 2016


Former Breitbart flunky Ben Shapiro told CNN on yesterday that Cheeto Jesus’ campaign had become a “turd tornado” after hiring Breitbart Chairman Steve Bannon.

After the campaign confirmed on Wednesday that Bannon would become the organization’s CEO, Shapiro penned a blistering assessment of the Breitbart chairman on his Daily Wire website.

Shapiro, who left Breitbart after the website took a pro-Trump turn earlier this year, accused Bannon of turning “Breitbart into Trump Pravda for his own personal gain.”
“Steve is basically going to tell Trump to be more militant, to double down, to be more focused,” Shapiro explained to CNN’s Brianna Keilar on Wednesday. “It does demonstrate the Republican or Trump-media complex that Bannon has helped to create in direct contravention to what Andrew Breitbart once called the Democrat-media complex.”
“As you probably know, I think Donald Trump is a turd tornado, but I also know that he has no capacity whatsoever to control himself and be the sort of staid politician that so many people want him to be,” he continued. “So, telling him to double down is not necessarily terrible strategy. If he’s going to go down, he’s going to go down being Trump.”
“A what tornado?” Keilar asked.
“A turd tornado,” Shapiro repeated.
“What is that?” Keilar pressed, immediately wishing she hadn’t.
“Well, it’s like a Sharknado, except with poop,” Shapiro revealed.

“Okay, that’s not quite what I expected,” the CNN host admitted.
“Is it sour grapes? Sure, I don’t like Steve, I think he’s a jerk,” Shapiro added. “I left Breitbart at the time and I said they are exactly what they are. I said they are Trump Pravda. I said that they threw their own reporter [Michelle Fields] under the bus.” 
“I left that job because I said I wasn’t going to stand with a site that thought it was more important to kiss the ass of a presidential candidate than to defend its own reporters,” he remarked. “Congratulations to Steve Bannon for hollowing out the Breitbart brand, destroying Breitbart’s name and making Breitbart a lot of traffic and getting himself a position of power.”

Another former Breitbart hack , Dana Loesch called Bannon - “One of the worst people on God’s green Earth”.

Now, this blogger is no proponent of either Shapiro or Loesch, [whom would piss on dead combatant corpses] but if these two are calling Bannon a shit stain, be worried folks, be very very worried!

Roger West