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Saturday, August 20, 2016


Yet another Cheeto Jesus surrogate, one Kayleigh McEnany, told African American panelists Bakari Sellers and Angela Rye last night that the GOP nominee Donald Trump is on the “cutting edge of civil rights” after Trump alleged Democrats were bad for black Americans in a Michigan speech Friday.


Bakari Sellers started off saying that African-Americans are only one generation from racist policies that plagued the United States. “We are only one generation away from Jim Crow, segregation and oppression and degradation first deep south and the George Wallaces and the water hoses and the dogs and the little girls in Birmingham and Jimmy Lee Jackson and the list goes on and on and on,” Sellers said.

He continued that our culture is not that far away from the monumental year 1968.
“We had the massacre and Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr., died in that same year, and all of those things happened and he’s having a hard time understanding how far we’ve come and that way he cannot put together where do we go from here?”
He cited an article in CNN Money about the rate at which black family are growing.
“It takes us 228 years to catch up to white families. 228 years! So, to Kayleigh’s argument and Andre’s argument and whoever wants to lay the argument to the back-breaking policies, that ain’t it.
Attempting to justify claims that Trump will be better for African-Americans than Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton, McEnany attempted to put words in their mouths. “You might think a 27.2% poverty rate among African American individuals … is a good thing but –”
“Kayleigh, when did you hear us say that?” a furious Angela Rye interrupted. “That’s not fair. Kayleigh, can you retract that? Kayleigh? That’s not fair.”
Rye went on to school McEnany saying:
“He can apologize for the howling discrimination for the Department of Justice and he can retract that and apologize for that and he can tell me he never meant to say he’d pay for the legal fees of the guy that punched the black man in the face at the rally,” Rye continued. “And he can apologize for the Indian man thrown out today.
He can apologize for the full-page ad. I am just getting started,” She said continuing. “I haven’t even got to last July. Donald Trump doesn’t just have a messaging problem and he has a message and belief problem and he has to hear it from more than rhinestones and polyester and his two — that go out on the trail today.”
Fuckface Von Clownstick has more than a messaging issue, he's got a surrogate issues as well - who seem to be if possible, more ignorant than the messenger.

If McEnany's master is truly on the cutting edge of civil rights, then those whom don't dawn a pasty white skin color, better run for the hills!

Its always priceless when conservatives try blacksplanin to blacks.

Trumpenstein fun fact: Trump claims he will win 95 % of the African American vote, yet to date, he has only 1% per the polling numbers. Better get busy asshat!

Roger West