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Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Trump nutter Scottie Nell Hughes ran into a bit of a problem when she attempted to dismiss Donald Trump’s anti-Semitic tweet as something someone else created and therefore not worthy of discussion.

Asked by host Carol Costello “Why it is important for Mr. Trump to explain why he tweeted or retweeted this image?” CNN political analyst Errol Lewis corrected the record and launched into a diatribe against the Trump campaign.
“It wasn’t a retweet, he tweeted it. it was under his account and it’s important because the imagery is unquestionably anti-Semitic, and I understand why Trump’s people are embarrassed and might want to change the subject, but this is not a subject that you do that with,” he explained.
“This is something that is of great importance to a great many people including people who are not Jewish and for Donald Trump to act as if this is just some concoction, ‘Oh, he has no idea’ and he won’t explain and he won’t apologize, and given the string of other incidents that you talked about,” Lewis continued. “I think everybody, everybody who’s not a complete partisan understands exactly what his campaign is doing. They understand that it is deliberate. They understand that they’re playing footsie with some very dangerous radical, disgusting elements of this country and that they hope to ride in the White House based on that support, and it’s disgraceful.”

Hughes attempted deflect blame for the tweet on “someone who posted the image back on June 15th,” completely ignoring the fact that Trump posted it on his own Twitter account over the weekend. After Hughes stated that no one can “responsibly say” that Trump is responsible for the image posted on his Twitter account, Lewis struck back.
“Donald Trump, we know from past behavior, is not going to explain unless a lot of pressure is put on him,” Lewis shot back. “And I think the followers who are trying to explain this foolishness should be ashamed of themselves. I mean, it’s not worth winning a Twitter war, it’s not worth winning a news-cycle. It’s not worth winning an election over.”
Scottie Nell Hughes, you are today’s worst person in the world.