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Thursday, June 2, 2016


Alisyn Camerota shut down a Bernie Sanders surrogate who insisted the Vermont senator had a path to winning the Democratic presidential nomination.

Camerota asked Nina Turner, the former Ohio state senator, how the Sanders campaign planned to promote Democratic Party unity after the primary race ended — but the campaign surrogate argued the nomination remained up for grabs, reported Mediaite.
“Sen. Sanders will continue in this race because millions of folks who already voted for him, and we still have millions of folks in this country yet to vote — and it is not over on Tuesday, contrary to what the media wants to say, it’s far from over,” Turner said.

Camerota explained the race was already over, and she laid out the math backing her assertion.
“Here’s why we say it is over on Tuesday,” Camerota said. “It’s the math. (Hillary) Clinton needs 9 percent of the remaining delegates. He needs 107 percent of the remaining delegates. There’s not a poll in the world to show Bernie Sanders getting 107 percent of the remaining delegates, Nina.”
Sanders has said he will ask so-called super delegates to back him instead because some general election polls suggest he’s more likely to beat Donald Trump in the general election, although Clinton has won more votes and pledged delegates in the Democratic primary.

Nina Turner, another Bernie Bot living in denial, and no that's the river in Egypt.

Roger West