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Wednesday, March 23, 2016


There is always opportunity for politicians to pander to whatever demographic du jour they can. This time around it was time for Jews to have a turn as a parade of pandering made its way across the stage. On Tuesday’s “Nightly Show,” comedian Larry Wilmore slammed “little pushan fisted ignorant orangesicle” Donald Trump for saying that President Barack Obama was the worst thing to ever happen to Isreal.
“Humm, no, I don’t believe you. Whether or not you like Obama there are many worse things that have happened to Isreal,” Wilmore said, citing religious persecution “and 5,000 more years of religious persecution!” Trump played up his daughter’s pregnancy, saying that she was about to have a beautiful Jewish baby. “The level of pandering here is just so amateurish here,” Wilmore continued. “Most politicians kiss a baby, his daughter is having a Jewish baby.”
When it comes to the media’s commentary on the speech, no one seemed to care about the content it was the teleprompter that people said made him look like a leader. “Are they shocked that Trump can read!?” Wilmore exclaimed. “The bar is set so low for this little puchan fisted ignorant orangesicle that they’re actually fawning over the fact that he can read a speech?” By contrast, when Obama was elected he was mercilessly criticized for bringing a teleprompter with him to speeches.


That’s when Wilmore brought out Donald Trump himself to comment about his “perfect speech to the Jews.” The Trump imitation was so flawless he even had the strange light concealer under his eyes. He claims he used the teleprompter because it would help make things easier on journalists like Megyn Kelly. Trump said she recently turned 45, which he called disgusting, “because everyone knows after a woman turns 25 she’s useless.” He’s a great fan of women, by the way.