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Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Young Turks host Ana Kasparian ripped conservatives on Tuesday who denied any link between anti-abortion statements and the physical shooting attack against a Planning Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs over the weekend.
“The only time the issue of abortion ever comes up — and you’ll notice this pattern – is when there’s a presidential election coming around. When there’s a presidential election, all of a sudden ‘Oh my god, we care so much about the babies,'” she said. “Babies this, babies that. You can’t kill any babies. It’s for political fucking gain. That’s all it’s about. That’s all they care about. It’s political gain — they don’t care about lives.”
Even as conservatives attack Planned Parenthood and accuse the organization of infanticide, she said, they rush to avoid any responsibility for possibly influencing the multiple attacks targeting the group since the release of the heavily-edited videos accusing it of profiting off the sale of fetal tissue.
“You can’t keep fucking saying ‘baby killer,’ because when you do that, crazy people will carry out acts of violence. That is violent rhetoric, and your violent rhetoric translates to violent actions,” Kasparian said. “If you don’t get that, you’re either in denial or you know it’s true and you just don’t want to admit it.”

While Republicans like Carly Fiorina — whose claim that the videos showed a “fully-formed fetus” was debunked — accused progressives of “hateful rhetoric” for criticizing her attacks on Planned Parenthood, co-host John Iadarola introduced a compilation of several extreme statements from conservatives like Newt Gingrich, Pat Robertson and Fiorina’s fellow presidential candidate, Ben Carson.
“Those statements came from the same individuals who are against providing health care to Americans,” Kasparian said. “It came from the same individuals who are against ‘food stamps,’ and governmental programs that help the poor to ensure that they stay alive, that they stay healthy. Those same statements came from people who deny our veterans — the same troops that they’re constantly talking about supporting — mental health care and things that would help them integrate back into society as healthy human beings.”

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