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Wednesday, August 19, 2015


As republicans eat their own with Donald Trump leading the wing-nut circle jerk poll - A GOP consultant apologized on Tuesday after insulting conservative author and pundit Ann Coulter in the midst of a dispute with, the Daily Caller reported.

Rick Wilson said on Twitter that he replied out of parental anger when he asked Coulter, “Does [Donald] Trump pay you more for anal?” after she mocked him for his “hilarious public meltdown” against the conservative news site. This meltdown reminds me of the Andy Brietbart meltdown at CPAC a few years ago.


Wilson’s quarrel with started when the site criticized him for calling Trump supporters “low-information voters.” [ if the shoe fits] Wilson later said on Twitter that one of its readers emailed him threatening to rape his daughter.

Other conservatives accused him of using the girl as a political prop to avoid criticism. Wilson later deleted his insult against Coulter and said Breitbart was not responsible for the threatening message.

Coulter later said that Wilson’s “only remaining move is to use the Anthony Weiner ‘MY TWITTER ACCOUNT HAS BEEN HACKED!’ defense.”

Wilson did not do that, but did apologize to family and friends for his response to Coulter’s remark, which he called “vile.”
“I reduced myself by dropping to her level,” he wrote. “My comment was shocking to many of you, and for that I offer a sincere apology.”
I love it when the freak show goes full throttle against each other, talk about reality TV. Reagan's 11th commandment is abused again. 

Roger West